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Oct 02 "What is Memory? It's Different in Recurrent Networks"

Speaker : Dean Buonomano Relv. Papers : 1. Sussillo and Abbott, Neuron 2009

    2. Buonomano Neuron 2009

09 _______Cancelled_________

             16   SFN

23 SFN recap

30 Marwan Maalouf

                                                                          "The Role of Hippocampal CA3 Output in
                                                                                            Learning and Memory"

                                 Papers and Supplement: 1. a) Nakashiba et al  Science 2008  1.b) Nakashiba-Science2008 supplement

                                                                                                             2. a) Nakashiba et al  Neuron  2009       2.b) Neuron2009 supplement

Nov 06 Tom O’Dell

                                                             “The role of SK type potassium channels in regulating

NMDA receptor activation and LTP"

                    Relv. Papers :  1. Lin et al Nat. Neuro 2008

      13   Anu Goel
                                                             “Place cells revisited”
        The navigational skills of a rat form an integral part of most experimental paradigms designed to study learning and memory. It is therefore, of interest to know the spatio temporal dynamics involved in this behavior. As the rat navigates through space there is activation of hippocampal place cell circuitry and both rate and temporal aspects of the place cell firing contribute to determine the rat’s location. As a result of a combination of electrophysiological and computational approaches various models have been proposed to explain how the hippocampal place cells encode this information.  However these models are based on data collected from either acute slices or from anesthetized rats. The authors of this paper (Harvey et al., Nature 2009) make a heroic attempt to obtain whole cell recordings from an awake rat while it navigates a virtual reality environment.  Using this strategy they give us a better insight into the intracellular dynamics of hippocampal place cells.

Relv. Papers: 1. Harvey etal_placecells_nature_2009.pdf

                         2. suppFig_Harvey 2009.pdf

20 Peyman Golshani

“Adult Neurogenesis Modulates the Hippocampus-Dependent Period

of Associative Fear Memory ”

Relv. Papers: 1. Kitamura et al Cell 2009.pdf

                          2. suppFig_Kitamura Cell 2009.pdf

27 Thanksgiving

Dec 04 Kelsey Martin

11 Vacant__________ (exams end)